New Mobiz Brand Identity

Welcome to the new Mobiz! We are so excited to not only introduce our new and updated platform, Mobiz 3, but also our new brand identity.


As many of our trusted clients know, we have undergone some exciting developments in the last few months, and our updated platform and identity have been redesigned to reflect those changes. Since our new platform has been improved and updated to meet the current needs of our clients and industry, we thought that now would be the best time to also re-think what “Mobiz” means today, and what that might look like; hence, our new company identity.

Before looking forward, here’s a quick reminder of what our previous logo looked like:


 This logo worked for us for many years because it reflected our roots in the tech industry. We also liked that it was simple and had a modern feel to it.


And now, we are happy to introduce our new logo:


We are excited about this new brand identity because it reflects a modern, more powerful Mobiz. The logo represents connection and resonance, as well as simplicity, things that our company values most. We chose red to be one of our new colours because it represents passion and energy, something that we think was lacking in our former logo. Mobiz, above all, is about connection, and the belief that there are better ways to communicate with your audience; we think our new logo represents that idea well, and hope you do too.

We hope you join us in celebrating the launch of both our new platform and new identity. We look forward to moving ahead as we continue to provide our partners with the best tools to improve their marketing and communication. 


we (still) connect.




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