MobizBlogger Exclusive: An Interview with the CEO of Mobiz


We sat down with CEO of Mobiz, Greg Chen to catch up on all the new features of Mobiz 3.

Images of interview with Mobiz South Africa CEO Greg Chen on the new updates to the platform

We at Mobiz have undergone some big changes in the last year. From rebranding, to a completely new and improved platform, Mobiz has definitely been on the move! Though we think the improvements to our software speak for themselves, we had our Head of Marketing, Natallia, sit down with Greg Chen, CEO of Mobiz to get a better understanding of these exciting changes taking place and what it means for users. Below is a transcript of the interview.


Natalia, Head of Marketing at Mobiz South AfricaNatallia: First of all, thanks for meeting with me, Greg! I asked you for this interview because there have been a lot of big changes in the company lately, and I wanted to find out in greater detail what these improvements are, and how they will affect your users.

  • Greg: Of course, Natallia, I am happy to answer any questions you have. I know a lot of these changes might seem extreme to the outside viewer who saw the changes implemented almost overnight, but to us at Mobiz, they are the result of our ongoing commitment to our clients to continuously respond to their growing needs and cater to their requests. We had been working on these changes for well over a year, and we are happy to see that these modifications are already improving the lives of our clients and their customers too.


N: Ok, great to hear! So first off, I think it would help to paint a picture of who your customers are. How would you describe your users?

  • G: Well, we don’t like to limit ourselves by saying Mobiz is strictly a marketing tool, because it is suitable for any kind of mobile communication. But to answer your question, you could say our customers can be any enterprise that understands meeting the needs and expectations of their customers is the key driver to revenue growth and brand loyalty. We currently have a wide range of clients from small local business owners, to large, multi-brand corporations. In the near future we are planning to expand our services to a much wider international audience, so the sky’s the limit for us!


Mobiz South Africa office sceneN: So last year, Mobiz launched the newest version of its platform, why did you see the need for Mobiz 3?

  • G: After 2 years of working with clients in various sectors and serving over 100 million unique customer engagements, we have taken into account every possible way to improve the communication between our clients and their customers. Ultimately, we found that the best way to improve ROI and users’ experience was to rebuild our platform from the ground up, restructuring the entire workflow to be more intuitive and flexible for our users. It was a risky proposition, but we are glad to say it is already making our existing customers very happy.


N: So with such big changes, would you say your entire product definition changed through the product re-engineering?

  • G: Mobiz at its core definitely hasn’t changed – we still aim to streamline the creation of powerful and content-rich customer engagements. But all the changes that have been implemented to date have made it possible for our product to behave more intelligently, inspiring its users, and creating infinite opportunities for them. Every day we continue to improve, innovate and add new features, which allows us to keep ahead of the curve, which, as you know, is something that is really important in our industry.


Natalia interviews Greg on new Mobiz marketing communication platformN: What would you say are the key features of the new Mobiz?

  • G: We have added lots of new stuff to our platform – intuitive multi-channel campaign deployment, marketing automation, KPI (Key Productivity Indicator) defined analytics, advanced local and global database targeting that ensures guaranteed improvement on ROI, which minimises network send errors from your very first engagement and continues to improve over time. My favourite new feature is definitely marketing automation, which allows our users to create a cause-effect campaign. This means you can automate a campaign so that a range of Mobiz actions can be triggered when a customer interacts with the content. And another great thing about Mobiz 3 is that we don’t have a strict, prescribed workflow, so our users have a lot more freedom to custom create exactly the campaigns that are right for them to achieve their goals.

N: So if I was a business owner, what would you tell me if I asked you how Mobiz 3 can improve my business?

  • G: I would suggest that you get Mobiz immediately (Greg smiles)  if you are in the business that is looking to connect and build great relationships with your customer!  Mobiz allows you to create meaningful engagements with your audience, which provides personal channels of communication and promotes brand loyalty. More specifically, because of this deeper connection with customers that Mobiz 3 enables, it can help a business to define and utilise otherwise unknown insights on its customers, which in turn helps them to build lasting relationships with your brand.

Mobiz South Africa office scene for interview

N: As a business owner, how can I quantify the benefits that Mobiz 3 provides?

  • G: First of all, you will notice better efficiency when it comes to money spent on error messages- through our unique global database targeting feature, your figures will show an immediate improvement on ROI. Besides that, there’s also real-time reporting in the platform that allows you to see the performance indicators of all the previous and currently running campaigns. These indicators can be everything from clickthrough rate, to page views, to social media shares- all of these reports can be downloaded, shared and printed at any time. We even added a payment feature, which utilises PayGate, so your company could be seeing the immediate benefits of using Mobiz on the first day with a measurable growth in revenue!


Natalia taking studious notes from interview with CEO of Mobiz Greg ChenN: Wow, as a fictitious business owner, I’m almost sold (laughs), but now I’m thinking won’t Mobiz mess with our current workflow? Is there a way we can adopt Mobiz without changing our way of doing things?

  • G: Of course! Ease of integration from both the technical and strategic fronts has always been one of our core competencies as a service provider. Not only do we provide ongoing consultations to help a company get started in a way that fits their workflow, but we also thrive on client feedback, and a lot of the features you see in our current platform are the result of a client request or need being met. Also, as I mentioned earlier, we actually designed the new platform with a lot more freedom for our clients because we know that everyone is different and perhaps do things in a different order. Whatever your methods are as a business, we will find a way to integrate Mobiz without disrupting your way of doing things.


Greg Chen, CEO of Mobiz South Africa, on the benefits and new features of Mobiz 3N: It sounds like the new platform has a lot of new features and options, is Mobiz still a one-person-can-do-it-all kind of platform, or do I need more people to operate it effectively?

  • G: Mobiz scales with your growth. It allows one person to achieve what traditionally an entire team of software developers, communication and deployment specialists, and analysts would otherwise be required. At the same time, it’s also designed to flourish in a cooperative environment, so we added numerous sharing and collaboration features to the new platform. This is a must as most of our enterprise customers perform very specific tasks within a group environment. So it’s completely up to you how you want to use it. Some of our clients devote one person to be the “Mobiz person” at their office and they handle everything, other clients have whole departments using Mobiz at once in unison, and now, most recently we even have clients requesting us to create, send, and manage campaigns for them. That is why we are now introducing campaign management as a service that we provide for clients that do not have the time or resources to send high quality or more complex Mobiz campaigns themselves.


N: So how do you get someone started with Mobiz, do you have any product training programmes?

  • G: Although we have designed Mobiz 3 to be very easy to use and to mirror natural workflows, we offer one-on-one training and support for new users and teams to ensure that our clients are utilising every feature of our platform effectively. We have also found that each of our clients is unique and have specific goals and requirements, so these training sessions are catered to each individual’s preferences and needs. In this way we ensure success with each and every client. Also, if they have a problem or question at any time, they can contact our office and we will help them find a quick solution. Soon we will also be offering online support and learning resources including user guides and tutorials, best practices, relevant industry news, and product updates to ensure continued support and learning for our clients.Head of Marketing Natalia and CEO Greg Chen on the new updates to Mobiz marketing communication platform


N: Well, I know you’re a busy guy, so I’ll let you get back to it, but the last question I wanted to ask you was what do you think the future of Mobiz looks like?

  • G: I’d like to see Mobiz growing both internally and externally, and spreading its wings globally very soon! We believe in dreaming big, and luckily, we are in an industry where there is a lot of room for growth and improvement, and we have an amazing team of passionate people who want to keep seeing our clients succeed, so I think we still have a lot of great things coming our way.


N: Sounds exciting! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mobiz. Thanks again for your time, Greg.

  • G:  Thanks Natallia!
(Photographs courtesy of Victoria Taylor)

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