Changing How SA Corporates Talk to Customers

Excerpt from Bizcommunity article “#AfricaMonth: Mobiz, the startup changing how SA corporates talk to customers” by Evan-Lee Courie.


Mobiz, an innovative South African startup combining the ubiquity of SMS with the visual power of the web to change the way South African companies talk to their customers.

Mobiz’ SmartSMS product allows businesses to send out SMSes to their customers with a link to a web page personalised to their needs and expectations.

So, for example, a fashion retailer wouldn’t just be restricted to sending out its winter specials. Instead, it could send out personalised deals and discounts based on a person’s spending patterns, past purchases, and other characteristics.

The kicker? The web pages are zero-rated, meaning that businesses can access their customers, even when they’re out of data.

Since its founding, Mobiz has attracted an impressive client base that includes the JD Group, Woolworths Financial Services, Old Mutual, and Momentum.

We chat to Greg Chen, founder of Mobiz, to find out more about the five-year-old startup’s journey…

Click here to read the full interview with Bizcommunity.

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