We believe that an audience will genuinely engage with your brand only when the message is relevant to them and the communication is delivered via the right channel. To help you achieve this valuable connection we created Mobiz to be
Intuitive, Intelligent and Simple to Use.

Our truly unique customer engagement platform will offer your business complete flexibility to communicate with your audience through their preferred channels, whilst our real-time reporting and analytics tools will assist your team in making informed business decisions without delay.
Your Channels
Once you have identified your communication strategy we will offer the best channel mix that will suit your audience. From targeted SMS to fully interactive and personalised landing pages, our interactive platform will help you exceed your business goals.
WMSOur exclusive web-embedded messaging unlocks the potential of your sms by incorporating the power of internet. Every message becomes an interactive journey - from a catchy SMS to a beautifully personalised digital campaign that best represent your product. Building a memorable campaign template has never been easier in our innovative yet simple-to-use web page creation tool.
Web & QR CodeOur web template creation tool enriches your current online marketing effort, as well as digitizing your offline media via QR codes.
AutomationUse Mobiz to set up targeted communication (sms/ wms/ web links/ email) that is triggered by time, event or customer behaviour. This will allow you to create an authentic and multidimensional conversation with individual customers.
SMSOur short messaging service allows you to personalise every sms and choose additional targeting settings within your database to refine your data even further. In addition, our global database filtering system enables you to validate your data and maximise your ROI instantly.
Shortcode / KeywordThrough Mobiz you can have your own dedicated shortcode to run offline acquisition campaigns, that can be incorporated with an SMS or WMS response to your customer.
Channel Messaging
Bring your strategy to life by creating a unique message that captivates the attention of your audience. Our interface will guide you through the process of enhancing your communication, making it more relevant for the chosen channel mix. Our campaign setup enables you to connect your customer dataset with the appropriate template to create a meaningful engagement for a specific channel.

According to Mobiz reports, the data is consistently long tail, with 45% of all engagements captured between 12 to 48 hours post communication. This once again shows the importance of initial messaging and the relevance of of any further communication with your audience.
New Potential
Once your campaign is created it can be published immediately or scheduled to go out at any pre-defined times.

Using our monitoring, reporting and analytics tools you are able to measure relevant KPI per engagement. The engagement metrics can in turn be evaluated and optimized against the industry benchmark, which will always keep you one step ahead. With each engagement you will learn more about your customer's needs, interests and preferences.

Our analytics tool willl allow you to explore and interact with your enagement data on the much deeper level. It allows you to investigate any aspects and fine- tune the nuances of your campaign to achieve even greater success.